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R.A.F cause we want to be rich as fck,everybody want to be RAF,I bet you the one reading this also have the same desire to be RAF! So,JOIN US NOW.R.A.F was established in 2020,the founder got this idea wanting to create his own brand since he was at the age of 17,although there’s various scarcity but it also didn’t stop him to achieve his goal.Step by step,we are going to be one of those well known brand.Talk about style,the styles in this modern day are mind blowing unique,strange,creative,beautiful,extraordinary,funny,good looking,elegant,majestic,etc.The style that RAF is having is something more tend to hypebeast for the youngsters.It can be wear on the street,to shopping,to school,most importantly to PARTY thats what most of us do when we are young,we only lives once,we work hard and party hard,let’s have the fcking life that we want.Time is gold,no,time is priceless let’s be RAF!

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